Gest IT Specialist for Microsoft solutions

Heart of our business is IT and the wider maintenance of business information systems

YOU grow your business, WE managing your IT

Gest IT your partner of choice throughout your development, in the Installation and maintenance

Our strong points

A reactive response service available 7/7, 24/24. A personal contact and proximity, to meet your needs with tailored solutions

Our services

Maintenance you’ll receive monthly report on our activities, Services purchase new equipment or ask advice, Projects and IT Audit

Allow a support agent to intervene remotely Directly on your system

The remote assistance system allows you to allow Gest IT to operate your system safely. You can use the Remote Assistance application when GestIT needs to log on to your computer.

What is auditing the computer network?

The audit of a computer network is to establish a precise mapping of the computer network of a company. Hardware, cabling, software, interconnection equipment are tested and analyzed to produce performance reports.

Why preventive maintenance?

The main objective of preventive computer maintenance is to reduce and avoid the risk of breakdown or failure of equipment and facilities during the hours of activities.

Competence for the performance of your business

We deliver results and solutions to SMEs in western Switzerland who care about the performance and effectiveness of their IT tools, telecommunications, information systems.

One contact for global turnkey solution!

We offer support for all your computer! Sale, preparation and installation of professional hardware.
multi-site interconnection of corporate networks. LAN and WAN.

Gest IT Services

Gest IT is a company service and maintenance. We are Specialist for Microsoft solutions. We guarantee a response time of less than 4 hours. Heart of our business is IT and the wider maintenance of business information systems. Our new technology integration expertise to develop the business allows us to be your partner

Our partners

Gest IT Maintenance

GestIT are a set of technical audits to establish and maintain optimum performance of your IT environment.

Regardless of the size of the company, the service of computer equipment is a necessity to ensure good working conditions and thus maintain productivity. Preventive computer maintenance is required to avoid failure.

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